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Stopping Software Erosion

Software erosion is the constant decay of the internal structure of a software system that occurs in all phases of software development and maintenance. It has many causes ranging from "copy & paste programming" to neglect of architectural specifications.

The cruel thing about software erosion is that each contributing step in itself does not hurt, and indeed you can sometimes even save time in the short run. This is why software erosion is such an insidious process.

Software erosion cannot be measured using traditional testing methods: "The software works fine", yet, appearances are deceptive. Sooner or later, software erosion makes itself felt through its symptoms: rising development costs, increasing test effort, longer release cycles, escalating project risk, etc.

For this reason, software erosion is the main cause of most problems in software development.

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3rd-7th December 2012, Sindelfingen ESE Kongress 2012

Your Benefit

Reduction of development and maintenance costs Potential problems are spotted earlier and can be solved before they occur.
Faster Time to Market A fast understanding of even highly complex systems reduces the time need for developments and completions.
Improvement in code quality Automated quality and style guide checks ensure and positively contribute to the overall code quality.
Protection of investment The better understanding of your software leads to a longer economic life-time.
Superior forecasting of development projects Development projects which are based on the software architecture will face less unexpected errors and problems and are therefore more predictable.
Control concerning outsourcing and off-shoring Source code that is delivered by external contractors can be verified more reliably and precisely.
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