18.11.2020 +++ Releases

Release 7.1.1

The new release of Axivion Suite comes beside other features and bugfixes with improved arxml import, higher precision in checking for memory leaks and accelerated static semantic analysis, an Eclipse plugin for CodeWarrior and an updated IAR profile for the Renesas RX.

04.11.2020 +++ Releases

Release 7.1.0

The new release of Axivion Suite comes beside other features with a plugin/extension for Visual Studio Code to inspect issues directly in the IDE.

04.11.2020 +++ Safety and Security

A Simple Error: Safety, Security or both?

In this blog post we will discuss a programming error in uftpd, an ftp server implemented in C. In particular, we will show how the error influences both safety as well as security - furthermore, we will give a quick glance at techniques used to minimize the issue's impact...

07.10.2020 +++ Testing Programming Guides

Test the test: testing programming guides

The implementation of an automatic coding guidelines check produces code; in the case of Axivion Suite mostly Python code that makes use of Axivion Suite's API, to flag certain places in code as an "issue" and to report it accordingly. As you should always test your code - you also have to test the programming guide. We have to answer the question: What best practises should be followed when testing programming guides?

30.09.2020 +++ Coding Guidelines

Coding Guidelines - publicly available vs. own rules

When creating your own coding guidelines, should you rely on the publicly available rule sets rather than inventing your own rules?

10.09.2020 +++ Software Engineering

Professional View on "Quality"?

There are many definitions of the term quality. Dr. Daniel Simon shares his thoughts about it...

23.08.2020 +++ Software Engineering

Industrial Software Development: Engineering vs Artistry

Is software development a boring, purely facts and figures based, rigid and sometimes painful undertaking? Where is the fun in it? Where does creativity fit in? How can the "software heroes" feed in great new ideas?

13.01.2020 +++ Architecture

How Software Architecture becomes a Game Changer

This lecture by Daniel Simon shows how important the quality of your software architecture is.

02.12.2019 +++ CodeCity


A 3D 360° video showing the Linux subsystem Network in six different CodeCity variants.

01.12.2019 +++ Macros and Messages

Macros and Messages

During the static analysis of C/C++ programs both macros and warning messages can be found. It becomes interesting when both come together...

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