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27.09.2018 +++ Relax 2018

Relax: More than simply taking a break

When we invite our partners and customers to “Relax”, they already know that we like to associate relaxation with excitement. Over 40 participants enjoyed inspiring user presentations, including from ZF, and the opportunity to chat with like-minded colleagues about technical questions and issues within the sector. By the end, everyone was certainly very relaxed.

14.09.2018 +++ Article of 14 September 2018

Bits&Chips: How software architecture becomes a game changer

Software architectures lay out the foundations for maintainable and sustainable development. In the past, an architecture model’s obsolescence imposed a risk on both the model and the project’s success. With hierarchical reflexion models we can continuously align the models and their implementation, so that we can leverage them at the highest level of significance throughout the system’s lifecycle.

25.01.2018 +++ Press release of 25 January 2018

TR-Electronic uses the Axivion Bauhaus Suite with architecture analysis and MISRA checker for firmware development

Manage firmware variants in automation solutions while ensuring secure, long-term further development: Introducing the Axivion Bauhaus Suite has enabled TR-Electronic GmbH in Trossingen to ensure that custom software requirements are implemented consistently and its proven architecture models are respected. Static analyses, as well as MISRA and CERT® checks provided by the tool in order to prevent systematic safety and security errors, ensure compliance with TR-Electronic’s stringent safety standards for sensors and actuators. At the same time, the checks and reports provided by the Axivion Bauhaus Suite are largely automated, which has greatly reduced the amount of time and money spent on verification and validation during firmware development.

23.10.2017 +++ Press release of 23 October 2017

Axivion Bauhaus Suite enables high-quality coding and a harmonised architecture at Dentsply Sirona

After searching long and hard for a code and architecture verification solution, Dentsply Sirona opted for the Axivion Bauhaus Suite. These Axivion tools mean that the dental equipment provider is now able to develop the increasingly complex software solutions required for CAD/CAM, imaging systems and treatment units using state-of-the-art methods while also ensuring that these solutions are maintainable in the long term. The developers at Dentsply Sirona were able to integrate the Axivion Bauhaus Suite into their process with ease and start using it productively in next to no time. The structured and automated approach to code and architecture verification soon produced results, resulting in a high level of acceptance among all users of the Axivion Bauhaus Suite.

13.07.2017 +++ Press release of 13 July 2017

Axivion Bauhaus Suite manages product variants at HENSOLDT Sensors

With Axivion Bauhaus Suite, the growing number of software-based product variants used can be managed easily. At HENSOLDT Sensors (formerly Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security), the Axivion tool suite, with its automatic architecture and code analysis, supports successful variant management and the efficient further development of products with many variants.

24.04.2017 +++ Press release of 24 April 2017

Leuze safeguards architecture and code base of software platforms for Industry 4.0 with the Axivion Bauhaus Suite

Leuze electronic relies on the Axivion Bauhaus Suite when safeguarding the architecture and code base of software platforms for the new DCR200i camera-based code reader and future products for Industry 4.0. Axivion has customized the tool suite to the clients' requirements, ensuring that the developer can easily test and maintain the continuously extending code stock during operation. This enables Leuze to permanently guarantee the quality and maintainability of the software in their products with a mission time of 10 years or more.

07.03.2017 +++ Press release of 7 March 2017

TRUMPF extends use of the Axivion Bauhaus Suite for code and architecture checking

At its Schramberg location TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG has for some time been using the Axivion Bauhaus Suite for code and architecture checking during the development of its embedded software and PC software for its laser systems. Now the technology and market leader for machine tools rolls out the use of the Axivion Bauhaus Suite to other parts of the company for software development quality assurance.

15.09.2016 +++ Press release of 15 September 2016

Phoenix Contact uses Axivion Bauhaus Suite for architecture and code checking for embedded and PC software

What began with a small project in 2013 is now being rolled out successively in more and more areas: Phoenix Contact is the global market leader for components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation, and uses the Axivion Bauhaus Suite in embedded and PC software development for its products designed using C, C++ and C#.

06.07.2016 +++ Press release of 6 July 2016

Deutschlandstipendium 2016: How Axivion supports the University of Stuttgart

Axivion, the Stuttgart-based provider of comprehensive solutions for fighting software erosion, is supporting the next academic generation: The company is one of more than 40 sponsors, which include companies, foundations and private individuals and are committed to supporting the University of Stuttgart by means of the Deutschlandstipendium 2016.

09.05.2016 +++ Press release of 9 May 2016

Safeguarding our expertise in grinding: Axivion supports Haas Schleifmaschinen with code analysis and architecture verification

Long-term mechanical engineering innovation is only possible with proactive software quality management: from now on, Haas Schleifmaschinen of Trossingen will use Axivion tools and solutions to ensure the quality and ease of maintaining Multigrind® Horizon, the grinding and simulation software Haas has developed in-house.

12.01.2016 +++ Press release of 12 January 2016

100 % rule coverage – Axivion wins over ZF with its comprehensive MISRA checker

The Axivion Bauhaus Suite is to provide ZF Friedrichshafen AG with quality assurance support for embedded software in the company’s Car Powertrain Technology division.



26.02.2019 - 28.02.2019 +++ Nuremberg

embedded world 2019 – the leading international fair for embedded systems

Be it security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility and energy efficiency – the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg enables you to experience the whole world of embedded systems