12.01.2016 +++ Press release of 12 January 2016

100 % rule coverage – Axivion wins over ZF with its comprehensive MISRA checker

The Axivion Bauhaus Suite is to provide ZF Friedrichshafen AG with quality assurance support for embedded software in the company’s Car Powertrain Technology division. The primary function of Axivion’s tool suite is to check that the code complies with the MISRA C++:2008 and MISRA C:2012 programming standards. However, the Bauhaus Suite also verifies that the architecture has been correctly implemented in the programming and checks the code by carrying out an automated static analysis.

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The most comprehensive MISRA rule coverage

To ensure that the best MISRA tool was selected, ZF performed an intensive technical benchmark test on various MISRA checkers available on the market. The Axivion Bauhaus Suite came top in the test, offering the most comprehensive rule coverage of all the tools evaluated – not only did the suite deliver the best overall results; it also covered 100 percent of the MISRA rules that can be checked automatically.

USP architecture testing and static code analysis

In comparison to other MISRA checkers, the Axivion Bauhaus Suite also collected more plus points, thanks to its user friendliness and its unrivalled features for automated architecture verification and static code analysis. The tool suite performs a comprehensive architecture test of the software, identifying hidden dependencies and other potential problems in the code lines, such as style violations, cloned or dead code and cyclic dependencies.

New plugin for Eclipse

Axivion will seamlessly integrate the Bauhaus Suite into ZF’s development process and adapt it to match customer-specific requirements. A new Eclipse plugin developed by Axivion displays the analysis results within the customer’s familiar integrated development environment (IDE) and it was this – together with Axivion’s personal training sessions – that ensured a high level of acceptance by ZF developers and provided fast, productive results.

“High standards were set for the evaluation and the Axivion Bauhaus Suite was a very definite first choice,” says Sebastian Rummler, CEO of Axivion. “The tool suite meets all the customer’s requirements for a MISRA checker. Thanks to its automated code and architecture tests, it provides efficient quality assurance for the customer’s embedded software.”