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Phoenix Contact uses Axivion Bauhaus Suite for architecture and code checking for embedded and PC software

What began with a small project in 2013 is now being rolled out successively in more and more areas: Phoenix Contact is the global market leader for components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation, and uses the Axivion Bauhaus Suite in embedded and PC software development for its products designed using C, C++ and C#. The tool suite from Axivion, which provides comprehensive solutions for the prevention of software erosion, is used to check the architecture and code quality of new software projects and for the analysis of legacy code, in order to ease maintenance tasks - and motivates employees by producing fast, tangible results.

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Consistent architecture - manageable product development

Phoenix Contact products from the field of industrial automation are known for their long life cycles. Maintaining and safely developing the associated codes over a period of decades presents Phoenix Contact’s well-trained, highly motivated and well-organised development teams with a number of challenges. With its Bauhaus Suite, Axivion offers a comprehensive tool, which is adapted to the working methods of software developers and quickly produces tangible and measurable results. Homogeneous architecture descriptions, UML models with uniform semantics and clear documentation now ensure that the long-term development of safety-relevant and non-safety-critical products is easier to manage.

Eliminating style violations and clones in C/C++ and C#

In addition to checking the architecture, the developers at Phoenix Contact also use the Axivion Bauhaus Suite in their daily programming activities. The tool is used, amongst other things, to quickly identify and eliminate style violations and clones in existing and new C/C++ or C# code. Thanks to the positive error culture at Phoenix Contact and design reviews, which can easily be integrated in the workflow, all employees are motivated to develop “clean” code and work as a team to improve software quality. The Axivion Bauhaus Suite analyses get employees thinking about how the code quality of individual developers can be improved and therefore support Phoenix Contact’s “Clean Code” initiative.

About the Phoenix Contact Group

Phoenix Contact is the global market leader for components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. The family business now employs about 14,500 people worldwide and had a turnover of 1.91 billion euros in 2015. The company headquarters is in Blomberg in Westphalia, Germany. The Phoenix Contact Group consists of twelve companies in Germany and more than 50 sales companies throughout the world. This international presence is  reinforced by 30 agencies in Europe and overseas.

More information about the Phoenix Contact Group is available at: www.phoenixcontact.de

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