10.09.2020 +++ Software Engineering

Professional View on "Quality"?

There are many definitions of the term quality. Dr. Daniel Simon shares his thoughts about it...

23.08.2020 +++ Software Engineering

Industrial Software Development: Engineering vs Artistry

Is software development a boring, purely facts and figures based, rigid and sometimes painful undertaking? Where is the fun in it? Where does creativity fit in? How can the "software heroes" feed in great new ideas?

13.01.2020 +++ Architecture

How Software Architecture becomes a Game Changer

This lecture by Daniel Simon shows how important the quality of your software architecture is.

02.12.2019 +++ CodeCity


A 3D 360° video showing the Linux subsystem Network in six different CodeCity variants.

01.12.2019 +++ Makros und Meldungen

Makros und Meldungen

Bei der statischen Analyse von C/C++-Programmen sind sowohl Makros als auch Warn-Meldungen anzutreffen. Interessant wird es, wenn beides zusammentrifft...

01.12.2019 +++ Welcome

Welcome to our Blog

We are proudly presenting our AxivionBlog to you today. Here you will regularly find the latest information and tips on static code analysis, the entire embedded software scene and of course all Axivion products and services. #staycurious

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