Architecture Verification

Architecture Verification

Architecture verification aims at getting your architecture and design in sync with your code

Only if architecture and design are in sync with your code you are sure you can use the architecture as a guideline for discussing the impact and gravity of new features and thus the evolution of your products. That is what architecture is meant for. 

Architecture conformance is key to success in the long run

Using the architecture verification ensures developers do not leave the basic foundation of the system under development. Structures remain clean and clear. In safety and security relevant systems, architecture has in itself safety and security attributes that must be implemented in the code. So architectural deviations are a threat for safety and security.

Where does the architecture come from?

The architecture verification is based on a structural model of the architecture and/or the design of your software. This structure can be an UML model or any other graph structure.

Axivion has import facilities for a broad variety of tools like Enterprise Architect, IBM Rational Rhapsody and so on. So integration of the verification and your architecture and design processes is straightforward.

If you do not possess an architecture documentation yet, recovery, reverse engineering, and modelling is also supported by the Axivion Suite.

Our Professional Services Team supports you in all activities related to architecture verification: Importing architectures, mapping to the code, reverse engineering of architectures etc.

Unleash the power of the Axivion Suite

Combine the architecture and structure centric focus of the architecture verification with coding rule sets, e.g. MISRA C, MISRA C++, AUTOSAR C++14, CERT, custom coding rules specific for your environment.

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