Clone Management

How much duplicated code does your project contain?

The analyses detect both duplicates and similar pieces of code in the source code and track them over time to support consistent further development. Axivion detects clones using the structure and can therefore also detect clones with altered function names and variable names (Fig. 1).

This screenshot represents a listing of cloned code.

Duplicated code increases maintenance costs and error rate. At the same time, there is unlikely to be a big software project that doesn’t have a clone. Axivion helps you detect them and make the necessary changes in all clones.

Identification of Type 1 (identical), Type 2 (structurally identical) and Type 3 (with structural differences) helps you regain control of duplicated code, which you can either tolerate, or swap as part of refactoring – into a function, for example – or raise in the class hierarchy.

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