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The AUTOSAR C++14 standard contains coding guidelines for the use of C++14 in the safety-critical environment. The rules contained are compiled by a working group of the AUTOSAR consortium. This standard focuses on the development of safety-relevant software in the automotive environment. Due to their actuality, the AUTOSAR C++14 guidelines are also suitable in other embedded applications with safety relevance. The testing of coding rules such as AUTOSAR C++14 is required for compliance with the specifications of ISO 26262.

The AUTOSAR C++14 check of Axivion Suite covers the machine testable rules of AUTOSAR C++14 (17.03, 17.10, 18.03, 18.10 and 19.03).

Relationship between MISRA C++ 2008 and AUTOSAR C++14

The AUTOSAR C++14 standard is essentially a modernised extension of the MISRA C++2008 standard. The now obsolete MISRA C++ 2008 standard was aimed at users of C++03 and thus does not cover the needs of users of C++11 and C++ 14. Some of the rules contained in this MISRA standard are now obsolete and therefore no longer included in AUTOSAR C++14, other rules required adaptation to the new circumstances and some rules have been added completely new in AUTOSAR C++14.
Most AUTOSAR C++14 rules are amenable to review by means of static code analysis and are therefore covered by the Axivion Suite checks. Only a small number of rules require a manual review on principle.

In the future, MISRA and AUTOSAR coding guidelines are to be merged again as MISRA C++ 202X. The coding guideline checkers of the Axivion Suite will cover this new standard in perspective.

Easy focus in day-to-day business reduces risks

Axivion’s unique delta mechanism helps you and your team focus on the daily work: writing safe code. In reviews, AUTOSAR C++14 rule violations caused by work on sprints, releases, feature branches, etc. can be easily identified through the delta analysis.

Easy integration into IDEs and CI environments

The results of Axivion’s AUTOSAR C++14 check integrate into a wide range of IDEs and CI environments. This allows easy integration into your processes from local checks to full-blown automated checks in the CI— all including the same configuration and results. The CLI and scripting capabilities of the Axivion Suite allow the AUTOSAR C++14 check to be integrated into virtually every practical environment.

We have evaluated several static analysis tools, and Axivion Suite clearly stood out in our tests. The tool performed best in terms convinced us through its ease of use, control flow, and data flow analysis, and report generation. Axivion Suite has already become a mainstay component in our development workflow and a valuable component of our DevOps pipeline.

Dejan Pangercic
CTO and Co-Founder of Apex.AI

Simple process integration into Safety Quality Management

Axivion Suite provides you with central building blocks for your safety quality management: The severity classification of rules and rule groups allow you to prioritise your work. By means of justifications, deviations from the AUTOSAR C++14 rules can be handled in a structured and systematic way in the work process in order to develop in conformity with the standards. By applying different delta intervals, progressions can be viewed and evaluated throughout the development process. Automatically generated reports on the AUTOSAR C++14 compliance of your code make documentation easier.

Certified for use in software development according to ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or IEC 62304

Do you use ISO 26262 or similar safety standards such as IEC 61508, IEC 62304 in your software development? The SCA package of the Axivion Suite is certified for use up to the highest safety level. The Axivion Tool Qualification Kit also contains the Safety Manual and ensures that you can trust the AUTOSAR C++14 check of Axivion Suite in your environment and in your use cases up to the required safety integrity level.

Axivion TUEV certificate number FS 71 220 21 0690

Good to know: Software Architecture

AUTOSAR is often associated with architectures rather than coding guidelines. In addition to pure rule checking for AUTOSAR C++14, Axivion Suite can also monitor the architecture of a software system: Do architecture, design and implementation fit together? In the automotive environment, architecture and design descriptions using UML and system configurations using arxml files can be included in the check. How this works in the AUTOSAR environment and for AUTOSAR architectures is shown in our free video “Software Architecture Checks of classic AUTOSAR projects”.

+ Detailed information on architecture checks with Axivion Suite

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