C Secure Coding Check

Compliance with ISO / IEC TS 17961 standards

C Secure Coding (ISO/IEC TS 17961), like CERT, focuses on security and thus aims to be a secure coding standard for C. In addition, there is a significant overlap with MISRA C and AUTOSAR C++14. Unlike CERT, ISO/IEC TS 17961 is an international standard. This should ensure stability of the validity of the rules.

Axivion has implemented the ISO/IEC TS 17961 rules according to the current 2016 standard. The use of Axivion Suite’s static code analysis allows you to verify compliance with the ISO/IEC TS 17961 rules. Axivion’s unique delta mechanism helps you to focus on your day-to-day work, namely writing safe code and avoiding unsafe code.

In reviews, delta analysis allows software developers to easily identify coding style violations and thus deviations from rules and development guidelines that have arisen while working on sprints, releases, feature branches, etc. Choosing Axivion Suite adds the right software development tool to your tool landscape to identify rule violations and thus ensure secure and reliable software. In addition to security, Axivion Suite also covers rules for functional safety, e.g. MISRA-C:2012 and AUTOSAR C++14.

Axivion’s C Secure Coding Checker results integrate with IDEs and CI environments, allowing easy integration into your processes from local checks to full-blown automated checks in your CI environment with the same configuration and results.

You can prioritise your work with severity classification for rules. By means of justifications, deviations from the rules in the work process can be handled in a structured and systematic manner in order to develop standard-compliant products. Generate reports about the C Secure Coding conformity of your code.

The image shows the list of changes for style violations in the selected time frame. Visible are some C Secure Coding violations since the start of the project.

C Secure Coding Screenshot

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