Support of known as well as individual
rule sets for software metrics

The Axivion Suite includes rule sets for lots of common software metrics. This includes metrics based on lines and tokens, nesting, cyclomatic complexity, control flow or golden oldies like Halstead metrics. Even whole rule sets like HIS are supported.

Here is a short selection of the rules included:

  • LOC Lines of Code
  • Nesting counts the maximum nesting within a function
  • McCabe Complexity aka cyclomatic complexity counts the number of nodes in the control flow of a graph with
    more than one successor. Every non-empty case statement is counted in a switch statement
  • McCabe Switch Complexity is a variant of the cyclomatic complexity, as described above, but here each switch case is only counted once
  • Extended cyclomatic complexity even counts boolean operators into a complexity measure
  • NPath counts the maximum number of non-cyclical program runs within a function
  • Number Of Invocations counts the number of different invocations within a routine
  • Number Of Parameters determines the number of a function’s formal parameters
  • Number Of Statements counts all statements within a function
  • Comment counts the lines within a function that contain a comment
  • Metric Comment Density calculates the comment density of a function, which corresponds to the ratio of comments before and within the function and the number of statements
  • Halstead metrics

We support many more metrics. Please contact us if you have any queries. You can add your own rules at any time using the rule editor. + Contact us now

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