Axivion Academy

Our comprehensive training offer for beginners as well as advanced users of Axivion Suite

With our Axivion Academy, we offer regular training courses on the use of Axivion Suite. Benefit from the know-how of our technical experts as well as from the exchange with other users and take away concrete practical knowledge to be able to use Axivion Suite even more effectively and efficiently.

We currently offer the following training courses:

  • Trainings for Axivion admins, covering everything around setup, configuration, and deployment of new projects
  • Trainings for architects, covering everything around architecture checking including gravis and RFG scripting
  • Training on IR scripting for experienced power users who want to address advanced topics
  • Design of the infrastructure
  • Configuration of the basic analysis
  • Setting up the Web UI
  • Local analysis at the workstation
  • Analysis and filter settings
  • gravis and RFG
  • Basics of architecture checking
  • manual architecture checking
  • UML as architecture description tool
  • interpretation of an architecture specification
  • Python scripting
  • Advanced automation of architecture checking
  • IR basics
  • Tools and documents for IR-scripting
  • Python for IR-scripting
  • Style check and test framework basics
  • Connecting to scanner and RFG
  • What is software ersosion?
  • Why does software erosion affect me?
  • How does the Axivion Suite work?
  • What can I do against software erosion?
  • How do I use the various user interfaces of the Axivion Suite?

Information: Due to the current circumstances, we are happy to offer you individual in-house or remote training courses within the framework of our Academy. The trainings can be conducted in German or English.

Please contact us via academy [at] or use the button below. We will find a suitable date together with you and look forward to seeing you!