Developer Workplace and DevOps Integration

Tight and easy integration of your protection measures into your build-environment and -processes with Axivion Suite

Chart explaining Continuous Integration in Axivion Suite

Stopping software erosion

Software ErosionDescribes the process that makes the maintainability, extensibility and reusability of your software difficult or even impossible happens every day. Therefore, stopping software erosion effectively means a tight and seamless integration into your build environments and processes – both in the environment of a developer’s workplace and the environment of your DevOps toolchains.

The standard Axivion Suite setup supports central server infrastructures as well as a decentralized local analysis.

Axivion Suite delivers the results from nightly analysis directly to your IDEs. For fast responses, code changes and their impact can be analyzed locally to different degrees prior to the integration of the changes into upstream development.


With its highly flexible scripting interfaces for reporting, all the information gathered in static code analysis or other DevOps stages are at your fingertips for use in QA, safety and project management. There are no restrictions for the use of this data – it’s fully available to your discretion.

Building Blocks for Full Automation

The different building blocks of static code analysis and architecture verification are aimed at providing the user a completely unattended analysis that reliably runs continuously without manual intervention. Even when project pressure is at its top, static code analysis just happens and the baselining capabilities of Axivion Suite make sure you can keep track of your software erosion.

DevOps Integration Points

Axivion Suite has been integrated seamlessly at hundreds of customer sites into a vast range of environments. Integrations cover CASE tools, CI tools, version control systems, IDEs and code editors, build systems, as well as C/C++/C# compilers of all different brands and from different centuries.