DevOps Integration

Tight and easy integration of your protection measures into your build environment and build processes with Axivion Suite

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Stopping software erosion

Software ErosionDescribes the process that makes the maintainability, extensibility and reusability of your software difficult or even impossible happens every day. To effectively stop software erosion, protection measures must be tightly and easily integrated into development environments and work processes. In modern software development, this includes both the developer’s workplace and the highly automated environments for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Especially – but not only – agile approaches require and promote CI/CD/DevOps.

Therefore, Axivion Suite supports both centralised server infrastructures, whether in the cloud or in on-premise IT, as well as decentralised local analyses that can be used by developers as needed. The interaction of the centralised and decentralised measures against erosion can be easily and flexibly adapted to the respective development processes.

Axivion Suite delivers results from both the central analysis environment and the local analyses directly to your IDEs, such as Eclipse, Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. For short reaction times, changes to the code and their effects can be analysed locally with different degrees of detail even before code gets integrated into upstream development.


The creation of reports for QA, security and project management uses the highly flexible scripting interfaces of Axivion Suite. They allow immediate access to the results obtained from static code analysis and the other analyses of Axivion Suite.

Reporting can also be used in typical development and review workflows. The results of the static code analysis can be automatically tracked on feature branches. When creating pull requests or merge requests, the results of the check are annotated directly to the code for the reviewers and can thus speed up the reviews considerably.

Tools such as Bitbucket, github, GitLab, Azure, AzureDevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc. offer different ways to integrate them into development processes. Static code analysis with Axivion Suite can be adapted to any situation that arises via the analysis APIs. Whether in the cloud or on premise – the analyses can be scaled to integrate into the respective workflows required.

We have evaluated several static analysis tools, and Axivion Suite clearly stood out in our tests. The tool performed best in terms convinced us through its ease of use, control flow, and data flow analysis, and report generation. Axivion Suite has already become a mainstay component in our development workflow and a valuable component of our DevOps pipeline.

Dejan Pangercic
CTO and Co-Founder of Apex.AI

Building Blocks for Full Automation

The different building blocks of static code analysis and architecture verification allow completely unattended analysis that runs reliably and continuously. When project pressure is at its top, static code analysis runs in the background without the need for time-consuming manual intervention. Together with the baselining capabilities of Axivion Suite, this ensures that you are always in control of software erosion.

DevOps Integration

Axivion Suite is already seamlessly integrated into different build and DevOps environments at our customers. The integration connects software development tools from the entire development landscape. Starting with CASE tools, version control systems, IDEs and code editors as well as various build systems and a long list of compilers from different manufacturers from different software generations.

The fully automatically generated results of the static code analysis can be used in daily development as well as in quality gates for the overall assessment of the development quality.

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