Software developers from all industries trust Axivion

Tens of thousands of software developers use Axivion Suite every day to make projects better, faster, safer and more successful. Axivion Suite is used in a wide range of industries: including automation technology, the automotive industry, railway technology, electronics, information and communication technology, aerospace or medical technology.

Below you will find more information about the use of Axivion Suite in selected industries or feel free to contact us directly regarding your sector.

Robot gripper arms reach for paskets on a conveyor belt to symbolize automation for Axivion.


The world of automation is becoming increasingly networked and must solve ever more complex tasks. This goes hand in hand with a rapid growth of the contribution of the software…

This picture shows a vehicle and symbolizes the Automotive division for Axivion.


The amount of software in vehicles is growing, both in terms of value creation and development costs. This growth is driven by new technologies…

This picture symbolizes embedded software.


Embedded software can be found in almost every device today. This software has a large share in value creation and software departments in companies are growing rapidly…

Dieses Bild zeigt einen Zahnarzttuhl der den Bereich von Medical bei Axivion symbolisisert.


As an integral part of medical devices, software must at all times ensure functional effectiveness that is safe for patients and does not create unacceptable risks…

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