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Because security comes first: Highest standards for safety and security in the aerospace & defence industry

Much has changed since the first powered flight almost 120 years ago. Complex calculations and processes are now carried out automatically in fractions of a second. We trust that software works flawlessly because it forms the basis for sometimes vital decisions.

Especially, the constant further development of unmanned aircrafts and drones and the use of real-time data lead to more and more detailed programming. Even the smallest changes in the software must ensure that there is no negatively affect the highly complex architecture.

There are few other industries in which the expectations for safety and reliability as high as in the aerospace industry. Therefore, even when implementing software, strict safety standards and protocols, such as DO-178C, are followed to ensure systematic, uniform and correct implementation. In addition, many companies have developed standards and quality guidelines that are stricter than the legal requirements. The necessary manual verification of compliance with the coding guidelines is very time-consuming and error-prone – something that is unacceptable in the aerospace industry.

The Axivion Suite helps to maintain a high software quality by means of static code analysis and an architecture analysis and thus allows the secure maintainability, expandability, understandability and readability of the software to be guaranteed. During the automated check for so-called software erosion, clones, cycles or code that cannot be accessed are detected at an early stage and can therefore be adapted promptly.

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