Embedded Software

Long product life cycles and a dynamic market environment
require high internal software quality

Embedded software can be found in almost every device today. This software significantly contributes to the value creation of these devices and software departments in companies are growing rapidly. The increasing importance of embedded software is accompanied by growing functionality and even faster growing complexity.

Embedded systems vary considerably in size and functionality: There are bare metal systems with a control loop on an 8- or 16-bit processor, but also high-performance multicore systems with RTOS, IP stack, GUI and model-based development.

Common to all systems is the demand for high quality, partly with formal requirements for safety and security.

To cover all these requirements, development teams are getting larger and external suppliers are often involved. Continuous integration becomes a necessary means to develop functioning systems.

The internal quality of software must be kept at a high level to ensure maintainability, extensibility and comprehensibility of the software and to counteract software erosion.

Compliance with coding guidelines such as MISRA or AUTOSAR C++14 is continuously checked using Axivion Suite.  At the same time, metrics are continuously monitored and trends in inner software quality are recorded.

With the architecture analysis, you can ensure compliance with your software architecture and additionally define safety architectures and monitor compliance with the implementation.

Axivion Suite is available both on the developer’s workstation and in the CI / DevOps pipeline on the build server or in the cloud.  Axivion Suite thus becomes part of your CI/CD strategy and quality assurance.

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