Axivion Suite currently supports the following safety-relevant standards and is constantly being expanded

Das Bild zeigt einen Autoaussenspiegel in Richtung Horiziont

ISO 26262

Perfectly cover verification steps in ISO 26262 with a focus on static checks of code and design. And meet the specific needs of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems in road vehicles with Axivion Suite.

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Here are shown various means of transport that should describe the mother of all safety standards IEC 61508 for Axivion

IEC 61508

Axivion Suite helps you to comply with various Safety Integrity Levels (SIL 1-4) defined in IEC 61508. Depending on the SIL, the scope of measures is described to limit risks to an acceptable level.

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This picture shows a dentist's chair

IEC 62304

Axivion Suite supports you in the development of software for medical devices for all safety classes. In the development process, it helps you during software architecture design and detailed design with architecture review.

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