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Maintainability, reusability, safety and security – achieve highest inner code quality with Axivion Suite

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Using Static Code Analysis correctly

Axivion is the technology leader for next generation static code analysis. In addition to classic analyses such as MISRA, AUTOSAR C++14 or metrics, Axivion Suite exclusively allows you to check the compliance of your software architecture. With additional checks for clones, cycles or unreachable code, you will always be able to prevent software erosionSoftware erosion describes the process that makes the maintainability, extensibility and reusability of your software difficult or even impossible in your development projects.

Our Professional Services team can help you integrate Axivion Suite into your existing environment, locally, into your CI pipeline, or as part of a cloud-based DevOps pipeline. Tens of thousands of users worldwide rely on Axivion Suite. With four research and development sites in Germany, a globally active Professional Services team and an international network of distribution partners, we guarantee our customers optimal support.

Axivion Suite for

Software Developers +++ Your ambition is to program perfectly functioning software. You want to constantly develop and learn in your work. You are proud to hand over your software to your colleagues and customers with high quality. Axivion Suite gives you the opportunity to check your daily work locally and release it for review. Findings are shown directly in the source code and are accompanied by explanations. Thanks to the direct integration into all common IDEs, the familiarisation effort for the tool is very low and you can immediately concentrate on the quality of your software. You will only hand over tested software to your colleagues and you will further expand your skills in the development of maintainable and reusable software.

Arrange a demo appointment today to find out how we can support you in your daily development work.

Software Architects +++ Your software architecture is the backbone of the device software. With our support, the developers get a better understanding and a high acceptance of your architecture. Thanks to good communication with the development team, you have time for your core task: the development of new variants and products.

With Axivion’s automated solutions, you increase transparency in the system, improve interaction with developers through comprehensible analyses and you are able to lay the technical foundations for your product innovations.

Business Managers +++ Your numbers speak for themselves: productivity increases and production costs decrease, as do the costs for bug fixes or recalls. Your development investments are secured thanks to extended product life cycles. You can react flexibly to changing requirements at any time – thanks to your high software quality.

With the help of Axivion Suite, you create the base for the development of product variants and new products at code level, support the fulfilment of important guidelines and standards and facilitate knowledge transfer and project handovers in the development team.

Quality Managers +++ Every day you ensure that your product meets the quality requirements of your customers and remains expandable and maintainable. To be able to fulfill your task, you need to make quality measurable.

With Axivion Suite, you can create reports on key software quality indicators, know immediately whether you are passing the next quality gate, and can prove both internally and externally to your customers how you are complying with or achieving your processes and quality goals.

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DevOps / CI-Managers +++ You ensure that new releases can be created as if by magic at the push of a button. You take responsibility from the build to the testing to the deployment of the new software release.

We can help you integrate our static code analysis solution into your pipeline, whether it’s a Jenkins environment, a Gitlab or Azure DevOps pipeline, or any other CI environment. We help you to integrate our solution seamlessly and with little effort into your existing or future CI environment or DevOps pipeline.

Schedule a demo today to learn how we can help you integrate our solution into your environment.

Safety Managers +++ In your projects you are responsible for the physical integrity of people. You are setting up processes and plans and monitor their compliance. By the use of reports you are documenting compliance with your safety plan, including the defined quality objectives, both for your clients and assessors as well as for your own documentation.

Schedule a demo today to learn how Axivion can help you meet your ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or IEC 62304 safety requirements.

Project Managers +++ You are the guarantee that projects are successfully completed in the agreed time with the allocated resources. In your daily work, time is the most valuable commodity and you rigorously remove obstacles on the critical path. Quality targets for the individual milestones are requirements for you, which you implement efficiently. At the same time, you understand that technical debt is due at the following milestones.

Make a demo appointment today to learn how we can support you in the smooth integration of our solution and how the achievement of quality goals can be massively supported in the maintainability and expandability of your projects.

Product Owners +++ You have overall responsibility for your product – starting with the requirements, through customer dialogue, to implementation, including quality and maintainability. Your task is complex and there is no need for surprises. With feature teams you ensure a fast turnaround for your customers while and at the same time you have to ensure compliance with the architecture.

Make a demo appointment today to learn how you can guarantee the quality of your software and compliance with the software architecture at all times and prove it to your customers.


Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including automation technology, the automotive industry, railway technology, electronics, information and communication technology, aerospace or medical technology.
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