Invest into your inner code quality

The Code Smells Detector of Axivion Suite helps you keep the inner code quality of your projects pure by automatically detecting clones or unreachable code. It also examines your code for cyclical dependencies at all levels. This prevents “bad smells” from spreading in your latest projects and existing projects can be cleaned of them as quickly as possible.

High reliability and transparent data preparation will save a lot of time and make this analysis a must-have for every developer.

This picture shows differently shaped elements, where two identical, red colored software clones shall symbolize, which are found in the course of the clone management of the Axivion Suite.

Clone Management

Axivion Suite`s analyses detect duplicate code as well as similar pieces of code in the source code and track them over time to support consistent further development.

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Here, a traffic circle with entries but no exits is shown, which is supposed to represent the detection of cyclic dependencies with Axivion Suite.

Cycle detection

This analysis of Axivion Suite detects cyclic dependencies on a wide variety of levels. Recursions (call cycles) as well as component cycles and include cycles can be identified and monitored.

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Axivion Suite detects unreachable or dead code - shown here, with factories that simply cannot be reached without an entrance.

Detecting unreachable code

Axivion Suite detects dead code based on a graph reachability analysis of call relations. The analysis can also be applied to product families and then reveals functions not used in any product.

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