High ambition for functional safety and increasing networking occupy the current world of automation

The world of automation is becoming increasingly networked and must solve ever more complex tasks. This is accompanied by a rapid growth of software components in our customers’ solutions, regardless of whether they deal with intelligent drives, pumps, sensors, operation and monitoring or industrial communication.

In many applications, there are high requirements for functional safety, as described in IEC 61508, for example.

Complex control algorithms, fast and secure communication as well as variants must be implemented quickly and maintainably. Trends such as Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) describe the path to networking at all levels. This networking results in new requirements for the IT security of embedded systems.

This trend is accelerated by the availability of 5G, the possibilities of AI and the expectations of the interaction of a wide variety of components in a large Internet of Things (IoT).

Maintainability, extensibility and comprehensibility of the software are an elementary prerequisite for mastering the requirements described above. In addition to the inevitable growth due to the required functionality, unnecessary complexity must be avoided at all costs.

Axivion Suite helps you to stop this software erosion.

Compliance with coding guidelines such as MISRA or AUTOSAR C++14 or metrics are continuously monitored and trends in inner software quality are recorded.

With architecture analysis, you can monitor compliance with your software architecture and additionally define safety or security architectures and monitor their compliance as well.

Requirements from safety standards such as IEC 61508 are fulfilled by Axivion Suite and confidence in the tests in your environment can be guaranteed at all times with the Tool Qualification Kit.

Axivion Suite is available both on the developer’s workstation and in the CI / DevOps pipeline on the build server or in the cloud. This makes Axivion Suite part of your CI/CD strategy and quality assurance.

The key factor for us is that the Axivion Suite has a high level of adaptability unsurpassed by any other tool suite. That is the only way we can continue meeting our own high quality standards for our intelligent sensors in an increasingly digitalised industrial environment.

Kai Siegwart, Competence Center Software, Software Quality Assurance,
Leuze electronic GmbH & Co. KG

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